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    • Tutto d'un fiato
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    • Cristian Fracassi      Federico Vincenzi     

      Tutto d'un fiato

      The Engineer, the Valve and the Mask: a Story of Fear, Hope and Success

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      This is a story of hope amidst the Covid emergency – the story of Cristian Fracassi and the Isinnova team, who braved countless dangers and difficulties to devise winning solutions that would enable the sick to breathe again.

      Thanks to their courage, intelligence, tenacity and, above all, their generosity, the people at Isinnova delivered live-saving solutions ranging from 3D-printed valves to repurposed snorkel masks. The efforts of this formidable team of doctors and engineers has led to the recovery of many patients, in a worldwide international case of life-saving innovation – from Brescia to Rio de Janeiro – so much so that the valve and mask they created are now on display at MOMA in New York.

      Written in novel form and featuring first-hand testimonies from the protagonists themselves, the book is an exciting, real-time story that investigates feelings, fears and decisions – for this is what a hero’s story is made of.

      As Giornale di Brescia editor commented, this is a book to be read “all in one breath, as well as with a few tears.”

      About the author

      Cristian Fracassi is a construction engineer and architect from Brescia with a PhD in engineering materials and a master's degree in economics and business idea development. In 2014 he co-founded Isinnova, a research centre and idea incubator.

      Federico Vincenzi is a lawyer and the founder of youjustice.net. He collaborates with the Universities of Brescia and Milan on the legal issues of information technology.

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