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    • 1908 F.C. Inter
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    • Mauro Colombo      Luigi Ferro      Maurizio Harari      Andrea Maietti      Roberto Torti     

      1908 F.C. Inter

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      In a new, revised and updated edition, the breathtaking history of the craziest team in Italy (never relegated to Serie B), narrated and coloured in black and in blue.

      From the original Inter to Ambrosiana that used to play at the Arena, from Angelo to Massimo Moratti, going through the eras of Fraizzoli and Pellegrini, up to the Chinese Inter.

      The story of over a century of events for a team that has reserved, and still reserves, the height of excitement and depths of despair, racing hearts and passions (with no comparison with its historic rivals).

      Introduced by Massimo Moratti, this book has been written by five “obsessed” Inter fans (esteemed professionals and academics) and is enriched with illustrations by Osvaldo Casanova, a cult illustrator in the world of football.

      A book to take in your hands and read in the (many) moments of celebration and despair. Because this is Inter.

      About the author

      Mauro Colombo, journalist, born in the years of the first Moratti, had to wait for Moratti junior to be able to rejoice again. He has written two books about moments of Inter history.

      Luigi Ferro, born in Milan, journalist. He has written a book about Adriano (the real one).

      Maurizio Harari, professor of archaeology, has searched for traces of Inter civilization back in prehistory.

      Andrea Maietti, “uncle Athos”, born in Lodi, a biographer of Gianni Brera and an eyewitness of Great Inter.

      Roberto Torti, journalist, Inter supporter, a fan more than a passionate spectator, has dedicated two books to Inter.

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