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    • María Lozano Zahonero   

      A new Guide to Spanish Grammar

      Theory and Practice

      The Nueva gramática de uso de la lengua española (A new guide to Spanish grammar) is a language learning manual designed to achieve level A1-A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

      This book is characterized by a cognitive approach to language and is organized to ensure an educational progression. It is divided into units developed on two-facing pages: contents are presented on the left, with clear theoretical explanations while, on the right, various types of exercises are provided relating to the topics which have just been covered.

      Students are helped in their studies by the inclusion of numerous infographics which foster the visual learning of some major aspects of the language.

      Particular care is devoted to the different varieties of the Spanish language and to correcting the most common mistakes made by Italian speakers.

      At the end of the book, there are the solutions to all the exercises. There are also Mp3 audio tracks.

    • Gabriele Marino    Bruno Surace   


      Understanding the Dynamics of hypersocial Communication

      This book provides a thorough understanding of the communicative and cultural dynamics of the top social media platform of the moment, thanks to the contribution of a group of scholars combining media studies, sociology, semiotics and linguistics.

      Complementing the reader-friendly theoretical framework is an interdisciplinary outlook that includes a series of thematic case studies: audiovisual formats and genres, sound and music, fashion and characters, language and slang, sexuality and modes of self-representation.

      The book is intended for the broader audience of people inside and outside universities who want to go beyond the inner workings of TikTok and understand its role as a sweeping socio-cultural phenomenon involving communication and marketing professionals, communication scholars and students of communication courses, creatives and content creators. It is also ideal for anyone looking for tools to fathom what is not just the “viral phenomenon of the week” or the “latest hot app”, but one of the most powerful forces in contemporary communication.