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    • Astrophysics for Curious People
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    • Gabriele Ghisellini     

      Astrophysics for Curious People

      Brief History of the Universe

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      Here is a popular and enthralling journey to discover the fascinating mysteries of astronomy.

      How was the universe born? How big is it? How much time has passed since the Big Bang? What’s the fate of our Solar System? Take part in this journey from the infinitely small to the infinitely big to answer these and many other questions: from the birth of a star to its death; from the latest discoveries on gravity to the great mysteries of black holes; from dark matter to antimatter.

      About the author

      Gabriele Ghisellini is research director at the INAF astronomical observatory of Brera-Merate and teaches General Astrophysics at Milano-Bicocca University. He has written over 160 articles for international journals. He specialises in high-energy astrophysics, radiative processes and active galactic nuclei.

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