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    • Communicating and Writing to Find Work
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    • Roberta Zantedeschi     

      Communicating and Writing to Find Work

      From CVs to Interviews

      • Overview
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      This book aims to help job seekers learn how to communicate and write effectively so that they can hone one of the most sought-after professional skills: communicating to share and convince.

      In the first chapters, the author highlights the worth and the close correlation between communication, awareness and professionalism. Chapter by chapter, the book delivers copious practical insights, hands-on exercises and tips you can instantly implement to improve your self-communication and get the best out of three top job-seeking allies: your CV, LinkedIn and your job interview.

      What truly elevates this book is the insight provided by Zantedeschi, a long-time recruiter with years of experience in seeking, assessing and selecting staff for businesses. Here, she gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at her profession, laying out the mechanisms of communication imbued with worth, method and competence.

      About the author

      Roberta Zantedeschi is an HR business writing consultant as well as an effective communication and conscious relationship coach. Furthermore, she works as a humanistic business coach and Insights Discovery® Practitioner. She lives in the province of Vicenza.

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