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      Fiat Lux

      The Leitmotif of modern Physics

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      The history of light – a crucial part of the universe’s life – goes hand in hand with the great discoveries of modern physics, from the first attempts to measure the speed of light itself to relativity and quantum mechanics.

      The book explains the nature of light: its behaviour both as a wave and as a particle; Newton's spectrum of colours; Maxwell's electromagnetic waves; how gravity curves space and thus the trajectories of light rays; the issue of general relativity. The last chapter details the various ways in which light is produced, in a straightforward, reader-friendly manner.

      Through anecdotes, curiosities and examples, the book explores where and how light is produced and goes as far as Hawking radiation, lasers and antimatter.

      About the author

      Gabriele Ghisellini is a research manager at the INAF Observatory in Merate. He is professor of General Astrophysics at the Bicocca University in Milan and has written over 400 publications in international journals. He deals with high-energy astrophysics, radiative processes and galactic nuclei. His Astrofisica per curiosi has been included in the "Microscopi" series.

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