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    • Managing Fluid Business
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    • Michele Bruno      Pietro Butté      Gabriele Galeani      Vincenzo Natile      Guido Tarizzo     

      Managing Fluid Business

      Management Experiences to thrive in the Age of Uncertainty

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      Five of Italy's most qualified management experts provide accurate, knowledgeable and concrete answers to questions about what companies need to really grow in their current markets or to make headway in new ones, while understanding what holds back development and what solutions can boost it.

      The book answers these and many other questions, examining specific cases, constructing solid and measurable intervention models, and thoroughly investigating the relevant issues from multiple angles.

      This is not a technical handbook, nor is it simply an illustration of corporate know-how. Rather, it is a jointly authored essay that offers a constructive and thoroughly insightful reflection based on first-hand national and international experiences on the reasons for the difficulties that many companies find in their path. It also shows how to transform risk and difficulties into opportunities for growth and accelerated development.

      About the author

      Michele Bruno, Pietro Buttè, Gabriele Galeani, Vincenzo Natile and Guido Tarizzo are part of the EIM (Executive Interim Management) Group, a company operating in 15 countries around the world. For over 30 years, EIM Group has supported companies engaged in processes of accelerated change and performance improvement by managing an international community of over 30,000 senior executive managers and independent professionals.

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