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      Meat Cuts

      Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Poultry

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      This book guides you to the discovery of the main Italian breeds of cows, sheep, pigs and farmyard animals, focussing on cattle raising and butchering. Learn about the different meat cuts and their Italian, regional and international names. The book explains the long process behind the end product: from cattle breeding to transporting, from packaging to disposal. As well as the description and illustration of the various Italian breeds, the book also presents the various cuts, listing their features and providing more useful information. All the technical notions come with cooking tips and delicious recipes.
      The book ends with a chapter on knives how to keep them sharp and efficient.

      About the author

      Roberto Bortolotti is the sales manager for Scheucher Italia, a leading company in the meat industry. He has many years’ experience in the meat industry and in the food supply chain.

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