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    • Investing with Certificates
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      Investing with Certificates

      Selecting, building and managing a limited risk portfolio

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      A book that accompanies readers through the world of certificates, going from the basics to investigating the most advanced themes and aspects, known only by industry professionals.

      After a first introductory section, where the types of certificates are described, the book, with a matter-of-fact and operating approach, describes the selection criteria and how to build and manage an efficient portfolio.

      The authors then deal with leverage certificates, showing how to correctly use them both to speculate and as a portfolio hedging instrument.

      The last section investigates the tax aspect and the behaviour of certificates when extraordinary events occur, such as in the case of a capital increase, takeover bid or extraordinary dividend.

      The book aims to make savers aware and autonomous in selecting, building and managing a certificate portfolio that is efficient in achieving their financial objectives with a limited degree of risk.

      About the author

      Gabriele Bellelli, a private investor and independent financial educator, is specialized in portfolio construction and management, with the approach of a saver. He is one of the main communication experts about personal finance in Italy and is a successful conference speaker.

      Francesca Fossatelli is a pricing specialist of derivative instruments and deals with structuring financial products for institutional customers. She founded the website Freefinance.biz to promote independent financial education. She is one Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in 2021.

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