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      The Americano Hour

      The First Italian Cocktail

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      As well as being the cornerstone of Italian mixing, the Americano is also the most popular drink of all times. Here, its mysterious origins are explored, as well as the legends and anecdotes that have made it an icon, along with the twists of famous bartenders.

      So many stories and recipes go into one glass of this iconic cocktail. The Americano wins over the most diverse palates thanks to its bittersweet taste coming from a blend of two Italian giants, namely Vermouth and Campari. The Americano has a long and exciting history that the authors have retraced thanks to historical documents and recipes, in order to share it with the world of bartending. When did the Americano really arrive in Italy? De Roberto mentioned it in his 1895 book on love, talking about “a kind of vermouth-bitters-soda water that whets the appetite and sets up digestion.”

      This book is the story of the first mixed drink in Italy, which later gave rise to other cocktails such as the Negroni and the Negroni Sbagliato. After an absorbing historical journey, the focus shifts to the basic recipe of this iconic cocktail and then goes into detail with variations by national and international bartenders, making the book a must for cocktail amateurs and professionals alike. Learn everything about this traditional Italian drink – the symbol of the Italian aperitif.

      About the author

      Mauro Mahjoub is a Campari Brand Ambassador and is known as the King of Negroni, having prepared almost a million servings. The winner of numerous competitions, he holds master classes on mixing all over the world. He has one of the largest collections of books on the bartending world.

      Lucio Tucci is a bartender and is always on the lookout for historical documents and old recipe books from the bartending world. He owns more than one thousand cocktail recipe books. He writes for bargiornale.it.

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