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    • Man in the age of techno-science
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    • Gianpaolo Bellini      Evandro Agazzi     

      Man in the age of techno-science

      A dialogue between a physicist and a philosopher

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      Throughout the book’s five chapters, a physicist and a philosopher move between science and consciousness, exploring topics ranging from the scientific method to the role of the technology that shapes the world, up to the reflection on the existence of a Creator God.

      The dialogue begins by examining contradictory attitudes towards science and technology. On the one hand, science makes it possible to explain matter and the Universe, thanks to the mesmerizingly perfect laws of physics; yet, there is plenty of scepticism towards the very knowledge that provides the keys to interpret reality. On the other hand, technology has a dramatic impact on everyday life, embracing everything between the extremes of those who cannot do without it and those who flat out reject it. Scientific thought meets philosophy, poetry and art, providing complementary food for thought to settle timeless disputes between science and philosophy or between science and religion.

      About the author

      Gianpaolo Bellini is Professor Emeritus at the University of Milan and an elementary particle physicist. He has directed experiments in the most important research centres worldwide. He was awarded the Pontecorvo Prize in 2016 and Fermi Prize in 2017 for discoveries concerning the Sun and neutrino physics. He is the author of Dall’atomo all’Io (Hoepli 2018).

      Evandro Agazzi is a professor at the Panamerican University of Mexico City, where he directs the Interdisciplinary Centre of Bioethics. He has chaired the Italian Philosophical Society and the Italian and Swiss Society of Logic and Philosophy of Sciences.

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