Author: Stefania M. Maci

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    • Stefania M. Maci   

      English Tourism Discourse

      Insights into the professional, promotional and digital language of tourism

      The book explores the peculiarities of the English language in the field of tourism in all its promotional and professional aspects.

      The rapid development of the supply and demand chain in the tourism industry has forced the industry to adapt; in order to sell the same product to different targets and in different markets, tourism organisations must develop different textual genres that present content in a linguistically appropriate and convincing manner. By examining actual tourism material, the book highlights how tourism discourse in English dynamically reflects new trends in society and is a form of multimodal and hypertext communication that delivers exciting descriptions of destinations and conveys the idea that tourists are solely responsible for their choices. Aimed primarily at university or master's degree students, the book also caters to researchers or scholars of sector-based languages.