Autore: Bram Stoker

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    • Bram Stoker   


      Level A2

      A sinister, dark castle in Transylvania and a strange Count, who is never seen in the daylight hours, can only mean one thing: Dracula! Bram Stoker’s chilling tale begins when a young man named Jonathan Harker visits the Count’s castle on a business errand but unfortunately this signals the onset of a cycle of evil which will put everyone he knows and loves in serious danger. It seems that only the skills of the vampire hunter Van Helsing will be enough to save Jonathan and all of those he holds dear!

      Written in simplified and modern language, the reader can learn English thanks to comprehensive teaching material, while at the same time becoming acquainted with a literary classic. The volume is further enhanced by lexical notes, in-depth dossiers (CLIL) and an Audio-CD.