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    • Run, Ringo, run!
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    • Jennifer Milton     

      Run, Ringo, run!

      Level A1

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      Ava works in the city kennel because she loves dogs.

      She particularly loves Ringo, a beautiful German Shepherd. She is also fond of Charlie, a troubled kid, who lives with his criminal uncle.

      Will Ava manage to win him over and save him from a life of crime?

      Run, Ringo, Run! is a beautiful story about affection, friendship and... dogs.


      Charlie Is a Good Boy! - Happy Birthday, Ava! - Charlie, What Are You Doing? - Ava, You Are in Danger! - Two Weeks Later - Charlie, Change Your Life! - One Year Later.

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      Dimensioni: 15 x 21
      Stampa: Colori
      Pagine: 72
      ISBN: 9788820395094
      Prezzo: € 8,90