Autore: Lewis Carroll

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    • Lewis Carroll   

      Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

      Level A2

      Following a White Rabbit down a very deep rabbit hole in the ground, Alice discovers a wonderland, where very strange characters live, such as the Hatter, the Caterpillar, the Duchess, the Cheshire Cat, the Mock Turtle and the Queen. In this new world, reality mixes with fantasy so that Alice doesn’t know who she is anymore. She continuously has to face very difficult and unusual situations, but with the help of her curiosity, Alice adapts to the different adventures. She eats and drinks things that make her change in size and in the end she discovers that everything that has happened was nothing but a wonderful dream.

      This volume and CD offer the opportunity to enjoy reading while learning at the same time. Notes and language activities help the reader to follow the story, appreciate aspects of the writing, memorize vocabulary and practice language structures.