Autore: Vittoria Moraci

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    • Vittoria Moraci    Sara Ann Testa   

      Alice in Americaland

      Alice is sixteen years old and about to live the most exciting experience of her life: a year abroad. When she walks out of the JFK airport in New York and meets her American family, she steps into a new life of discoveries and adventures.

      She attends high school, makes new friends, improves her English and studies subjects she had never thought about before. She travels to new places, discovering a country she never imagined.

      The year spent in the USA will teach Alice to look inside herself and face life with a more reflective mindset. The inevitable comparison between the USA and her homeland will also allow Alice to better understand and appreciate her own country.

      The text includes a wide range of four-skills activities and 3 dossiers useful for learning English, Social Studies and Literature.

      The volume gives access to the full recording of the story in Mp3 format.