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    • The Logic of Uncertainty
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    • Bruno Codenotti      Giovanni Resta     

      The Logic of Uncertainty

      Close Encounters with the Paradoxes of Probability

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      The calculation of probability can help significantly in the small and big decisions of life, and Cicero had already encouraged to face uncertainty by being guided by examining the probability of events happening.

      In this book, using simple probability tools, the authors show with examples and anecdotes how uncertainty situations can be faced rationally, with logical and mathematical skills.

      Some of the themes examined, for example the birthday paradox and the Monty Hall problem, will show that our intuitive understanding of probabilities is not good at all, especially when estimating how frequently extremely unlikely events will occur.

      About the author

      Bruno Codenotti, from Brescia, is a research executive at the IT and Telematics Institute of the National Research Centre in Pisa. After carrying out research studies on the computational theory of games and algorithmic theory, in recent years he has been dealing with popular science.

      Giovanni Resta is the top researcher at the IT and Telematics Institute of the National Research Centre in Pisa. He has dealt with computational and algorithmic complexity and, more recently, with issues connected to smart mobility.

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