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    • The Never-Ending Challenge
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    • Michele Godena      Bruno Codenotti     

      The Never-Ending Challenge

      Chess and artificial Intelligence from Turing to AlphaZero

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      A journey behind the scenes of a chess game with a humanoid, proving how deeply computer technology and artificial intelligence have penetrated the world of chess.

      The new book by Godena and Codenotti explains the mechanisms behind an AI player, alternating the narration of significant events – many witnessed first-hand – with technical insights.

      The authors begin with great figures such as Turing and Shannon, who laid the foundations of the digital revolution in the 1940s and at the same time formulated the first ideas on the automation of chess-player thinking (from Fischer to Kasparov), showing how the history of chess programming has always gone hand in hand with the history of information technology.

      Eventually we meet AlphaZero, an AI player developed using the latest advances in machine learning.

      About the author

      Michele Godena is a Chess Grandmaster. He has represented Italy in a stunning 14 Olympic and international competitions, is a 5-time Italian champion, 13-time Italian team champion and the 2007 European champion.

      Bruno Codenotti is director of research at the IIT CNR in Pisa and has taught at various universities in the United States. He is the author of popular books including A scuola di scacchi da Alice (Hoepli, 2019) and La rivoluzione silenziosa (Codice, 2020).

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