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      A new Guide to Spanish Grammar

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      The Nueva gramática de uso de la lengua española (A new guide to Spanish grammar) is a language learning manual designed to achieve level A1-A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

      This book is characterized by a cognitive approach to language and is organized to ensure an educational progression. It is divided into units developed on two-facing pages: contents are presented on the left, with clear theoretical explanations while, on the right, various types of exercises are provided relating to the topics which have just been covered.

      Students are helped in their studies by the inclusion of numerous infographics which foster the visual learning of some major aspects of the language.

      Particular care is devoted to the different varieties of the Spanish language and to correcting the most common mistakes made by Italian speakers.

      At the end of the book, there are the solutions to all the exercises. There are also Mp3 audio tracks.

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      About the author

      María Lozano Zahonero es licenciada en Filología Hispánica, con especialización en Lingüística, por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Cuenta con una experiencia docente y de investigación de más de treinta años en distintas universidades de Italia, España y Estados Unidos. En la actualidad es investigadora de Lengua y traducción españolas en la Universidad Tor Vergata de Roma. Buena parte de su trabajo se ha centrado en la gramática del español como segunda lengua. En este ámbito destacan la Gramática de perfeccionamiento de la lengua española (Hoepli, 2011) y la Gramática de referencia de la lengua española (Hoepli, 2010).

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      Pages: XII-244
      ISBN: 9788820391775
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      ISBN: 9788836014125
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