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    • Love and Crime at the Hamptons
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    • Jennifer Milton     

      Love and Crime at the Hamptons

      Level A2

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      The Hamptons, where the rich and powerful New Yorkers have their summer residences, is the setting of the story.

      It is here that Ben, the protagonist, returns after one year at university, determined to quit college and become an actor. At the Hamptons, after a family party, Ben meets a mysterious and beautiful girl named Charlotte on the beach. He falls in love with her but shortly afterward Charlotte disappears, breaking Ben’s heart. However, the story doesn’t end here. In New York three years later, something surprising happens...

      You will enjoy this suspense filled tale of intrigue and mystery, laced with romance, as you read to discover the fate of Ben and Charlotte.

      Every chapter is accompanied by didactic activities which focus on reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

      The volume includes a detailed dossier about the Hamptons, New York and the United States.

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      Dimensioni: 15 x 21
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      ISBN: 9788820366544
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