Leggere è la collana Hoepli di letture graduate in quattro lingue: inglese Reading, francese Lire, spagnolo Leer, tedesco Lesen, ed è strutturata in più serie per soddisfare le diverse esigenze didattiche di ciascun docente.
Ricche di immagini e illustrazioni, le varie serie propongono apparati didattici e dossier di approfondimento che consentono allo studente di acquisire una maggior competenza linguistica e di consolidare le conoscenze grammaticali.

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    • Vittoria Moraci    Sara Ann Testa   

      Alice in Americaland

      Alice is sixteen years old and about to live the most exciting experience of her life: a year abroad. When she walks out of the JFK airport in New York and meets her American family, she steps into a new life of discoveries and adventures.

      She attends high school, makes new friends, improves her English and studies subjects she had never thought about before. She travels to new places, discovering a country she never imagined.

      The year spent in the USA will teach Alice to look inside herself and face life with a more reflective mindset. The inevitable comparison between the USA and her homeland will also allow Alice to better understand and appreciate her own country.

      The text includes a wide range of four-skills activities and 3 dossiers useful for learning English, Social Studies and Literature.

      The volume gives access to the full recording of the story in Mp3 format.

    • Edgar Allan Poe   

      The System of Doctor Tarr and Prof Fether

      Level A2

      The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether is a dark short story centred on a naïve and unnamed narrator’s visit to a mental asylum in the southern provinces of France.

      This “Maison de Santé” is led by Doctor Maillard, known for a revolutionary new method of treating mental illness, called the “system of soothing”. The narrator is invited to dinner, and at the table strange things happen, shocking terribly the narrator. What kind of treatment is going on in this mental asylum? How will the story end?

      The text includes four skills activities and dossiers to expand the cultural aspects associated with the story and connected to the setting.

    • James Mattew Barrie   

      Peter Pan

      Level A2

      Come fly with Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael to the magic island of Neverland!

      Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, leads the way on this extraordinary adventure that includes Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, the Pirates, and the Mermaids.

      Peter’s amazing story continues to enchant generations of children and adults the world over, enabling them to soar on the wings of imagination to their very own Neverland.

      Each chapter of this graded edition is accompanied by an engaging range of comprehension, skill building and grammar activities to bolster learning and track the reader’s progress.

    • Herman Melville   

      Moby Dick

      Level A2

      Moby Dick tells the story of one man’s fight with nature and the elements. Captain Ahab sets out on a mission to get revenge for what had happened to him many years before. He is determined to kill the whale that caused him so much pain and changed his life. As the voyage proceeds, Captain Ahab becomes even more fixated with his goal. He does not consider the safety of his crew, nor his own safety. Once he realises that his crew and ship are in danger, it is too late. In the end who will be the strongest?

      Who will win? The text includes a variety of activities for the four skills and dossiers to explore and expand the cultural aspects associated with the story. The volume also provides a recording of some parts of the text.

    • Mark Twain   

      The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

      Level A2

      The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the masterpiece of the American writer Mark Twain. Tom is an adventurous twelve-year-old boy with a vivid imagination. He lives on the banks of the Mississippi River with his aunt Polly. He often skips school in favour of playing with his friends. During one of his midnight adventures with his friend Huckleberry Finn, the town drunk’s son, the two witness a murder. After that we follow Tom on a series of exciting adventures in haunted houses, graveyards, mysterious caves and on an uninhabited island. The volume includes a wide variety of activities for the four skills, several Ket-style level A2 tests, and dossiers that explore and expand the cultural aspects associated with the story. The volume ends with an exit test and provides a full recording of the text.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Dangerous Fashion

      Level A2

      Josh lives in India with his family. This year, he and his father are going to London, to take part in an auction at Sotheby’s. Here, he meets Violet, the pretty daughter of one of his father’s partners.

      She is beautiful, creative, and a great fashion lover. Her love for fashion will lead them on an adventure through some of London’s most dangerous areas.

      Dangerous fashion is an engaging story that will help you discover less well-known, but fascinating parts of London.

      The volume includes a wide range of activities and two in-depth dossiers: one about English food and one about the East End, once the reign of Jack the Ripper and now a rapidly changing area.

    • Jennifer Milton   

      Love and Crime at the Hamptons

      Level A2

      The Hamptons, where the rich and powerful New Yorkers have their summer residences, is the setting of the story.

      It is here that Ben, the protagonist, returns after one year at university, determined to quit college and become an actor. At the Hamptons, after a family party, Ben meets a mysterious and beautiful girl named Charlotte on the beach. He falls in love with her but shortly afterward Charlotte disappears, breaking Ben’s heart. However, the story doesn’t end here. In New York three years later, something surprising happens...

      You will enjoy this suspense filled tale of intrigue and mystery, laced with romance, as you read to discover the fate of Ben and Charlotte.

      Every chapter is accompanied by didactic activities which focus on reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

      The volume includes a detailed dossier about the Hamptons, New York and the United States.

    • Bram Stoker   


      Level A2

      A sinister, dark castle in Transylvania and a strange Count, who is never seen in the daylight hours, can only mean one thing: Dracula! Bram Stoker’s chilling tale begins when a young man named Jonathan Harker visits the Count’s castle on a business errand but unfortunately this signals the onset of a cycle of evil which will put everyone he knows and loves in serious danger. It seems that only the skills of the vampire hunter Van Helsing will be enough to save Jonathan and all of those he holds dear!

      Written in simplified and modern language, the reader can learn English thanks to comprehensive teaching material, while at the same time becoming acquainted with a literary classic. The volume is further enhanced by lexical notes, in-depth dossiers (CLIL) and an Audio-CD.

    • Lewis Carroll   

      Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

      Level A2

      Following a White Rabbit down a very deep rabbit hole in the ground, Alice discovers a wonderland, where very strange characters live, such as the Hatter, the Caterpillar, the Duchess, the Cheshire Cat, the Mock Turtle and the Queen. In this new world, reality mixes with fantasy so that Alice doesn’t know who she is anymore. She continuously has to face very difficult and unusual situations, but with the help of her curiosity, Alice adapts to the different adventures. She eats and drinks things that make her change in size and in the end she discovers that everything that has happened was nothing but a wonderful dream.

      This volume and CD offer the opportunity to enjoy reading while learning at the same time. Notes and language activities help the reader to follow the story, appreciate aspects of the writing, memorize vocabulary and practice language structures.

    • Olga Lee Rachello   

      Y Generation

      Level A2

      Margaret is sixteen, she’s pretty and sweet and has a passion for acting. Jack is handsome and comes from a rich family. They meet, fall in love, and are happy together until Jack’s family interferes and their relationship falls apart. Jack leaves the city, and Margaret goes on with life, but things aren’t the same without him.

      Set in modern day London, it is a passionate tale about two teenagers who are ordinary and at the same time extraordinary, just like their love story.

      The volume includes a wide selection of reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises, activities on communication and culture (CLIL), as well as a section dedicated to everyday language.