Autore: Valeria Trovato

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    • Valeria Trovato    Debora Troni   

      Myriam and the Dragon

      Myriam has just arrived in a new city with her family and she has a secret: she is a dragon breeder.

      Her new classmates know nothing about her, except that she is an excellent drawer. During a school trip to the Vajes Lake, a legendary place inhabited by mysterious dwarves who live hidden under the mountains surrounding the lake, Myriam will disclose her secret to the only classmate she regards as a real friend, Mirko. They will meet the dwarves because Myriam has an important mission to accomplish and she needs their help.

      The text includes a wide range of four-skills activities and a dossier about dragons in fantasy stories and legendary lakes.

      The volume gives access to the full recording of the story in Mp3 format.