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    • Giada Correale    Serena Giust   

      Design Yourself

      Create your visual and verbal identity

      This is a handy and comprehensive design and research journey to create your own personal, unique and unforgettable brand.

      Design Yourself springs from its two authors’ common passion for design. Serena Giust loves taking care of the words she writes; Giada Correale loves taking care of the styles and images she creates. Together they have worked on researching and building a verbal and visual identity, which they describe in this book packed with inspirational reflections, exercises and examples from the best experts.

      The purpose of design is to solve problems and create value; hence, design principles can help anyone aiming for awareness and to grow personally and professionally. The authors want to make design principles accessible to everyone and help people use them to create their very own authentic and recognisable visual identities.

      Designed for professionals, creatives and SMEs, as well as for students about to enter the world of work, Design Yourself is a book for anyone who wants to stand out and communicate their full potential.