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    • Marco Bucciantini    Federico Ferrero   

      The Last Monkey

      The Evolution of Tennis up to Roger Federer

      The riveting history of tennis – a game steeped in tradition but still ever –evolving.

      Tennis is the summation and expression of man, what he has been and what he wants to become, solving numerous conflicts and developing a game that depends on the net sum of his qualities and shortcoming; that very sum then has to be turned into an identity complemented with ideas and strikes, tweaking, fine-tuning and even discarding them as needed, in order to identify the optimal strategy for each match. This is the only way to overcome one’s opponent and be the first across the line. It is an individual struggle that concerns everyone because human expression can only endure if it draws in its contemporaries and generates an economy that is advantageous for its performers, its organisers and its followers.

      In this growing need for exasperation, Roger Federer appeared – the last monkey. But what kind of evolution can there be after him? This book attempts to answer this question beginning with the origins of man's evolution.

    • Fabio Palma   

      Sport Climbing

      A complete Guide to Techniques and Training

      This is a handbook on how sport climbing techniques, materials and training methods have evolved – an evolution that has made sport climbing increasingly popular and turned it into an Olympic discipline.

      Today, sport climbing is the fastest growing sport in Italy and one of the fastest growing in the world. It is coached much more thoroughly than ever by a new generation of coaches and trainers, drawing more and more very young enthusiasts.

      This handbook embraces everything that has been challenged and revolutionised in recent years and includes an inspiring image gallery.

    • Furio Piccinini   

      Racetrack Riding

      How to drive like Champions: Strategy, Technique and practical Advice

      This book reveals all the secrets to racetrack riding. From the techniques used by the champs to the tricks for identifying the best trajectory, the book explains every single thing you need to know.
      The topics include the rules and customs on and off the track, how to position yourself on the seat during the different stages, how to check and troubleshoot your motorbike and equipment, and improving your riding and safety. Additional chapters are dedicated to tyres, stability and Italy’s main circuits.