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    • Vincenzo Russo    Giorgio Gabrielli   


      Neuroscience’s Contribution to Sales Techniques

      The book focuses on neuroselling as a new approach – based on a better understanding of the brain – to sales techniques.

      This is the first scientifically sound book about the latest findings on the relationship between brain function and sales techniques.

      It is designed to provide the business community with a basic understanding of the human brain and the latest findings on persuasive processes, particularly those based on the brain’s unconscious response mechanisms. For this reason, after a brief presentation of how the brain works and what its secrets are, the authors delve deeper into the processes underlying unconscious decisions, emotions and perceptions, sourcing from the latest neuroscientific research.

      The outcome is a scientific and practical handbook, accessible even to beginners; it is a useful application tool for companies and individual professionals working in a topical relational context such as the business world.

    • Marco Stampa    Donato Calace    Nicoletta Ferro   

      The Enterprise of Sustainability

      A Compass for Business between global Challenges and Greenwashing

      This book tells you everything you need to know about sustainability. It is a full-blown compass to guide entrepreneurs through the background noise of green communication – often seen as an end rather than a means – and the intricacies of rules, standards and best practices.

      Greta Thunberg, Fridays for Future, the 17 goals set by the UN and the pandemic crisis have driven the issue of sustainability to the top of everyone’s agenda. But what does it mean today to talk about the various nuances of sustainable development? How does this relate to companies and their strategic outlooks?

      This book takes the reader on a journey from the origins of sustainability to contemporary financial phenomena and the debates in which all businesses are involved as they face global challenges such as climate change and the impact on biodiversity, as well as the increasingly pressing demands of civil society.

      Enriched with contributions from Europe’s leading sustainability experts and rounded out by a chapter on China, this book is a handy guide for the vast market of pros in a new profession – be they experienced managers or fresh graduates – so that they do not get lost along the road to a better future for all.

    • Marco Baldocchi   


      Neuromarketing applied to the World of Food and Wine

      This is a guide on how to apply neuroscience to the world of food and beverage – from catering to delivery – so that consumers can get the products they want in their shopping cart and on their tables.

      The outcome of the author’s many years of experience, the book lays out several case studies that can help us understand new consumer behaviours, focussing on catering activities ranging from individual points of sale to delivery, as well as brands sold by large-scale retailers.

      This practical handbook features the latest scientific research on the whole world of food and wine, providing answers and suggesting effective communication strategies for brands aiming to get into consumers’ shopping carts, for restaurateurs who want to put their guests at ease, and for anyone working in the delivery field and aiming to create a relationship with customers and stand out from the masses.